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Dilligence Training Testimonials

Dilligence Training Testimonials


Peter Angeh

Silver Springs, Maryland 

When I started the year I was almost 300 lbs. I was a D1 Football player in college but even for me that was huge. I knew I needed to get things under control before it became too late. I reached out to my brother Devontè Dillion and I shared my  health concerns and fitness goals with him. Together we came up with a plan to help me reach those goals and achieve optimal results. I really appreciated his patience throughout the year every time I would complain about not reaching my goals overnight. Dilligence training has helped me not only change my weight but my overall health and wellness lifestyle. As the year comes to a close I can proudly say I am light years ahead of anywhere I thought I’d be in the beginning. I have lost about 75 lbs and reduce my body fat percentage from 30% to about 11% and counting. Never could have done it without the support of Devontè and everyone at Dilligence Training. Thank you and God Bless!

Randy Spence, Windsor.JPG

Randy Spence

Windsor, Connecticut

My fitness Journey with Dilligence Training started with a look in the mirror realizing that a change needed to happen I call it my “enough is enough” moment. One day as I was getting ready I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I seen. I looked unhealthy and sluggish and was tired of it. Knowing that one of my Childhood friends (Devonte Dillion) started personal training I knew he was the one I can trust and get me to where I wanted to be. As I finished getting ready I told myself I was going to give him a call. He informed me that he started to train people and wanted to know if I wanted to join as one of his clients, as he put it at the time, his “project”. I told him yes once I arrived back from my vacation and I would hit him back up. Soon as I returned I met up with him at our town track and we talked about the workouts we would be doing and when I would start. Little did I know, we would be starting the next day at 4:00 AM! The first month of me training with him it started with a 3:15 AM wake up call, we would meet at the gym get a lift in and then go to the track later in that day to incorporate cardio! Since joining the Dilligence     Family in July of 2018, I’ve lost 84 pounds and met a group of great individuals who I now call family! We all push each other and hold one another accountable to assure we’re reaching our goals!!

Shavaughn Bailey, Hamden.JPG

Shavaughn Bailey

Hamden, Connecticut

It has been a absolutely pleasure to be apart of the Diligence training family. My progression has been nothing short of spectacular, from  both a physical and mental standpoint! With that being said, I have been able to push though my limitations and started transforming my body to the structure I want it to be. In doing so, I now feel more energized and present throughout my daily routines. I would like to say thank you to my trainer Devontè for believing in me and pushing me every session. #1family #Dontplayyourself. 


Samantha Waldin

Hartford, Connecticut

After My first session with Dilligence training, I knew I needed to be here. It was exactly what I was looking for and I knew this was the place to take my fitness goals to the next level. Before coming here I lost 30lbs but as an active member of Diligence training I’ve gain muscles in places I never knew I had. I became stronger physically and mentally. Forget the 30lbs lost, here I COMPLETELY transformed my body. And most importantly the atmosphere and the energy is really amazing, the people you meet here ultimately become your family inside and outside the gym. I get excited to come to the gym just to see my favorite people!

Gabby Blake.JPG

Gabby Blake

Windsor, Connecticut  

Prior to joining Dilligence, I was so nervous to sign up for a new gym, but as soon as I finished my first class, I knew the Dilligence Training experience was what I needed to commit to! Devonte and the entire fitness family have held me accountable throughout each step of the journey. I joined Dilligence Training in January of 2019. I wanted to tone and gain muscle, and not only have i done that but i have increased my body weight by 12 pounds to date! The best part about my experience is my newfound confidence to try new things and getting “comfortable with being uncomfortable.” I am confident to say that I am in better physical shape than I have ever been in my life, and I look forward to the gains that 2020 will bring!


Nikole Perryman

Windsor, Connecticut

Initially going into training with Dilligence Training I was nervous. I have never worked with a trainer before  and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I would work out here and there but I was not always consistent. Working with Devonte he held me accountable and he pushed me, not only physically but mentally. I have learned so much that when I work out on my own I actually know what I am doing and I feel confident. Devonte has motivated me in so many ways and I am so appreciative of him and everyone at Dilligence training. I finally knocked out year one and I’m ready for year two! Thank you so much!


Tamar Duquette

West Hartford, Connecticut

I started at Dilligence Training back in May of 2019. Working out has always been something I go to as a stress relief as well as something I love doing. However, I knew I needed that extra push to get to where I had my goals set on. I finally attended my first group class at Dilligence and realized that this was only the beginning. Personal sessions are what TRULY opened my eyes in strength training. There has never been a personal session where I left not feeling accomplished or like my arms and legs were going to fall off. So far, I have been able to gradually grow stronger in both group and personal sessions and have seen myself go up in weight for certain exercises. 


It wasn't until a couple months ago when Devonté got certified in nutrition where we started to discuss about the importance of what I eat. I was never someone who ate junk or fast food frequently but I discovered that I really wasn't eating the proper amount of food. Since then I have adjusted my eating habits and have began seeing results both on and off the scale. 


Dilligence training has not only helped me reach certain milestones in my fitness journey but has also provided me the confidence that I did not have in myself. I walked into Dilligence quiet and reserved and I can say that the environment there has allowed me to get out of my shell and just be myself. All I can say is that Devonté is truly a selfless and humble person who TRULY loves what he does. You can see the compassion he has for Dilligence by how he helps people get to where they want to be both physically and mentally. Anyone at Dilligence can say that it's truly a free space to put that work in alongside good people. I truly would not be where I am if it wasn't for Devonté and the people I have met and trained with at Dilligence. I can't thank you enough. I look forward for what's to come

Terrell Huff, Windsor.JPG

Terrell Huff

Windsor, Connecticut

Man, blood sweat and tears, real tears drop from my eyes when I share my story with y’all. On 10-1-18 I parted ways with CCSU football team mid-season. Teammates reached out asking why but they wouldn’t understand so I kept quiet and stayed in my corner. With all this new free time didn’t know what to do. I was down really down and lost. I just sat in my room watched tv played video games and ate. I was lost. After realized how much weight I had gained I reached out to my childhood friend Devontè Dillion and told him I needed to get back to it. I had finally realized I was depressed as the game I love had been taken from me. He took me in immediately and we started working out twice a day at his new gym. Over that time I lost 27lbs and dropped to 195. I wanted to share my drive and passion with other people so they wouldn’t get down the way I have. I took my test to become certified and recently became a trainer at Bodyroc Fitlab, here I have the power to effect someone’s life daily with even simple things like positive energy during our fitness classes. Later I began taking recruiting trips and couldn’t find what I was looking for. I couldn’t find ”it” whatever that was. Then out of no where I spoke to the head coach of Assumption College and from the moment we shook hands to visiting the campus I knew this “it” I was looking for was finally here. It felt fresh and genuine. I found my new start. I graduated with my bachelors from CCSU in May and began my masters at Assumption! Thank you all for the love and even more appreciation to those who doubted me. Blessed beyond measure as the marathon continues.


Jessica Lewis

Hartford, Connecticut

Dilligence Training has a great, family environment. Everyone is very supportive & welcoming. They are not afraid to hold you accountable, encourage you, and celebrate when you meet your goals! I have met some truly amazing people here! 


I joined Dilligence Training in January 2019. With my athletic background, I wanted to find a gym where I would be pushed beyond my limits & a place that would keep me motivated.  At Dilligence Training, every session is different & challenging- the energy is just unmatched & it keeps me coming back for more! Devonte’ is efficient & very dedicated to all his clients. 


On my fitness journey thus far, I have lost 52lbs in 10 months. Devonte’ has pushed me to find strength I never knew I had. Not only do I feel great physically, but mentally, I’ve never felt in better shape! My mindset has completely changed! I wouldn’t have been able to crush my goals without the constant support, discipline, & tough love from my trainer! It’s truly a lifestyle-Dilligence Lifestyle! 


Alex Antolini

West Hartford, Connecticut

Prior to starting Dilligence training I had never been quite able to reach my fitness goals. I went to the gym a couple days a week and made some progress here and there, even tried personal training through that gym, and still my goals were not being met. At the time I was super intimidated to start with a new trainer due to my own insecurities and recent weight gain. When I booked my first consultation I had just recovered from an ankle injury that aided in me gaining 30 pounds. If I could go back I would of started much sooner, from day one Devonte and the rest of DT have provided an atmosphere where I feel totally safe and comfortable. Trusting your trainer is super important to me and I’ve never had to do a workout I couldn’t physically handle, even if mentally I thought I couldn’t accomplish it. My sessions are constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone and were exactly what I needed to start seeing the results I wanted. Fast forward to today and I’ve lost over 35 pounds and 10 inches off of my waist. Not only did I lose weight but my body physique has also changed and toned all around. I never would of thought I could have the body I have now a year ago, I’ve gained the confidence not to just workout on my own but also a new confidence within myself. Devonte has pushed me through workouts I didn’t think I had the physical or mental capacity to do. He and the rest of DT genuinely put time and effort into customizing a unique program for each of their clients, our results really speak for themselves.  The atmosphere in the gym is so uplifting and motivating it’s such a community vibe. I’ve had days where I’m thinking negative and not in the mood to workout, then I complete my session and leave in a totally different mood ready to conquer my day. It’s really become a form of therapy for me and I find myself applying principles I learned there in my day to day life. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this gym and I can’t wait to conquer all of my new and improved goals!!

Edna Maldonado, New Britian.JPG

Edna Maldonado

New Britain, Connecticut

My time at Dilligence Training has been nothing short of amazing. This journey has been mentally, emotionally, and physically trying. I am grateful to have been surrounded by people on a similar journey who took the time to cheer me on when I’m winning and to motivate me to keep going when I’m losing. I joined Dilligence Training to lose weight but I gained confidence, knowledge on what a healthy lifestyle truly is, and most importantly a family. Thank you! 

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