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With starting group  training services we want to take the necessary precautions to assure you’ll are safe and feel comfortable! As we return, we will follow strict guidelines and procedures to uphold the safety of all participants . With that being:


1. Class sizes will be reduced, you will book your spot for class through our website. Temporarily, class size will be limited to 12 clients per group class. 


2. All members are eligible to book, there will be a $20 cancellation fee if you book and do not show.

(unless emergency) 


3. We will take temperatures upon arrival

4. Imperative that you arrive 5-10 minutes before class that way we can start on time and end on time. All Dilligence sessions will be 50 minutes in duration, to ensure we can clean before and after training sessions. 


5. We ask that you arrive in your workout attire, to minimize bags and clutter within the gym.


6. If you have your own mat, jump rope or glute bands, we highly encourage that you bring them for your own comfort. 


7. We will take the necessary time within the session to clean equipment before usage as well as after. This will take a group effort, that way it’s a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees! 


8. Masks are to be worn arriving to the gym, while training and leaving from the gym. It is mandatory to wear masks while working out, we will still remain 6ft distance from one another throughout class. 



Dilligence will work closely with a third party business to assure the cleanliness of the facility. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you!

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